About Me

About Me

I love to shop from small businesses, especially creative small businesses.  I find some of my favorite treasures by shopping small and more importantly I know I'm helping someone realize their dreams.  When I shop small though, I like to know a little about the business, how it came to be, who is involved in it, so I thought I'd share some of that information with you.

My name is Tina and I'm the owner/designer at North Fork Jewelry Design.  People tell me I wear black way too often.  I've almost exclusively worn hoop earrings since I was a teenager.  I'm a huge animal lover, especially my dogs.  Family means everything to me, but my family often doesn't share my blood.  I'm an advocate of adoption and believe true friends are family too.  I love to find a bargain, but I realize finding a bargain doesn't always mean finding the cheapest price.  I value quality in all things - products, relationships, thoughts.  I'm an excellent cook.  I work ALOT.  Serving the community is important to me.  I believe in the power of positivity and prayer. I believe in helping each other and I believe kindness matters. 

I tell you all these things, because I find many of my customers share at least some of these same attributes and interests.  I design jewelry for women like me.  My schedule is full, but I still want to look good without taking too much time to do so.  I want quality products that will last without paying a ridiculous price.  I design my jewelry to be what I call "everyday chic" and I love that my pieces look amazing whether you're wearing them with a t-shirt and ballcap or you've paired them with that little black dress and killer heels. 

I've lived half my life in the mountains of West Virginia and half of it near the oceans of South Carolina.  To say both of these places are gorgeous is, in my opinion, an understatement.  I believe living my years surrounded by this natural beauty shows in the jewelry I design.  I prefer to work with "real" materials - natural gemstones, pearls, genuine copper and sterling silver.  

All of North Fork Jewelry Design pieces are proudly made in West Virginia.  

XOXO - Tina