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North Fork Jewelry Design

Extra Long Sterling Silver Necklace with Stone Pendant

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This necklace is perfect in the summertime when it's hot and you don't want anything too tight around your's perfect in the wintertime to easily put it over your snuggly sweater....there is no need to mess with the clasp (though there is one).  Instead, just put it over your head.  

This is a 36" sterling silver necklace with a teardrop shaped natural stone.  Choose from Blue Chalcedony, Green Onyx, Smoky Quartz, White Druzy Agate or Labradorite.  They're all beautiful! 

Please note these are natural stones and there will be minor differences stone to stone. In the picture showing the five stone choices, the labradorite looks extra bright.  This was simply from the light shining on it.  No filter was used.  However, this stone looks different when worn without the light directly on it.  

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